Forex Online Trading Platform

Forex Online Trading Platform

Whether you trade forex or one of our other asset classes, you are well catered for by our industry leading platform.


Trade with a trusted broker

When you create an account with Prudent International Ltd you are choosing a broker that is invested in your development as a trader. Our view has always been that trading should not be an exclusive pursuit; but that anyone with an interest in the markets and an ability to connect the dots between micro- and macroeconomic events should be able to capitalise on this knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with all the knowledge and tools that you need to take your best self to the markets, every time you trade.

No bonuses

We do not offer casino-like bonuses, or make unrealistic claims about the profitability of trading CFDs. This is because we have no interest in profiting from our clients’ lost deposits. For us FX trading is a serious business and we strive to make serious traders out of our clients.

No gimmicks

We are also extremely careful before we adopt new instruments. This is why we do not offer binary options facilities, which we find to be at odds with our business model, as well as introducing a gambling-like mind set to trading. We believe that you can learn the art of trading by taking positions on real markets, and we dedicate our resources to helping you do just that.


Prudent International Ltd promotes excellence in trading by offering you a frank, unbiased view of forex trading in our educational and informational content. We provide all the resources you require to improve your knowledge and practical abilities. Our goal is to make the forex market as accessible to as many individuals as possible, and to help everyone make the very most of it.

World class customer service

Our dedicated team of customer support agents are on call 24/5 to help you with any queries and problems you may have. Everybody praises their own customer service departments. We invite you to test ours and compare the service you receive to that of any of our competitors.

A tool for every trader

Every trade has its tools. Prudent International Ltd invests heavily to ensure that its traders are well-equipped. So when you log into your terminal and enter the market, you have everything you need to give you a competitive edge. Quality educational material, insightful market commentary, powerful technical analysis, a suite of algorithmic trading facilities and services; Prudent International Ltd gives you the tools you need to get the job done.

Regulated by
Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) (reg no. 141/BBJ), member of the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House (IDCH) (reg no. 68/AK-KBI) and member of the Indonesia Futures Association (ASPEBTINDO)